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From: The Chuckster (
Date: 09/18/96

> I need the input from a few of you Sys Admin folks regarding muds behind a
> firewall.  What should I be cautious of and if it is possible to allow
> telnet sessions to a pre-determined host for the sake of mudding?
> I have a Cisco 2509 router/firewall and 17 unix boxes to make avail for our
> mud and I need to know what I have to do in order to play.
UNIX pretty much takes care of itself. Allowing access through ports higher than
1024, doesn't give the user much access at all. I'm not sure what you mean by a
pre-determined host. You can't do anything without knowing an account and passwd
and UNIX passwords are _IMPOSSIBLE_ to crack. (I know, you have heard the same
bullshit I have about someone claiming they can crack them)i. A person would
have a greater chance guessing a passwd than cracking it. (not the same BTW)

Of course, if some asshole uses a password that is in any language dictionary,
you can't do anything about that. I require 8 char passwd's with at least
2 numbers, 2 upper case letters, and one shift key (excliuding & % @). I then
run a 4 hr dic-o-cracker(simply runs through dictionaries and nickname files
trying to guess the passwd)

I would say you have nothing to worry about.


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