[ERRORS] Changing to sunOS Probelms

From: Chuck (wcarson@umr.edu)
Date: 09/21/96


I have only been coding within Linux so I now find myself
in uncharted lands. I tried to move my mud to SunOS ver 5.4
tonight. I uploaded a stock copy of circle to start with and ran
configure and then make all.

Mucho Errors.

Here is some of the errors:

usr/include/sys/uio.h:13: warning: Header file /opt/gnu/lib/gcc-lib
/sparc-sun-solaris2/2.5.6/include/sys/feature_tests.h exists, but is
not readable

/usr/include/sys/uio.h:19: warning: Header file /opt/gnu/lib/gcc-lib\
/sparc-sun-solaris2/2.5.6/include/sys/types.h exists, but is not readable

In file included from /usr/include/sys/stream.h:16,
                 from /usr/include/netinet/in.h:28,
                 from comm.c:23:

Basically all of the messages looked like this saying the header file exists
but is not readable. 
make[1]: *** [comm.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home1/l/linebacker/circle/src'
make: *** [default] Error 2

I noticed that when I ran configure it said that I did not have the ANSI C
Is this my problem? If so, where can I get these libraries?

Thanks in advance,


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