Re: [Code] Check for knowing previous spell/skill??

From: Rasmus 'Con' Ronlev (
Date: 09/24/96

On Tue, 24 Sep 1996, Mikael Askernds wrote:

> How do I prevent the BIG fireball from showing up
> on the prac list until the SMALL fireball has been
> practised ?
> I mean .. I am planning to have so many different schools of magic
> that you have to make choices... You cant practise everything, you HAVE
> to make choices. SO ... if I learn how to cast the small one, i WILL be
> able to learn how to cast the big one, when i reach that level.
> If i DONT learn the small one, I will never know that I COULD have
> learned how to cast the big one.. :))

Well, my idea would be to set up a system, where a spell had some
affiliated 'slots' (ints), that would be set to other spells SPELL_xx
values, if the person needed this/those spells to be able to prac/use the
spell. I don't have any good ideas of how to imp it, except invent some
kind of spello() redefinition.. (refering to bpl 8 stuff :P).

Don't know if it sounds too abstract, or if it is understandable, but
nevertheless my idea will need A LOT of arraystuff... perhaps an idea
would be to have a POINTER to a prev_spell stuct of:

struct prev_spell
  int spell_needed;
  struct prev_spell *next

and then add those to the spell structure when needed, will limit
memoryusage, and allow you a dynamic definition of the number of spells
that a spell needs (errr.. ?? :).


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