From: Admin of The Keep (
Date: 10/03/96

On Thu, 3 Oct 1996, Amy & Ryan Biggs wrote:

> I keep getting <INVALID BITVECTOR> popping up in affects, room flags and
> such, and it only affects with the (1 << 31) flags.  The flags themselves
> seem to work (My ROOM_NOJUNK does work and it is (1 <<32))  Is there any
> way to get these things to show up?  I wanna SEE the bitvectors.  (and
> don't suffest a MOB2_ set...that's out of the question....I am NOT editing
> the mob files AGAIN)

Yes, but integers are only 32 bits.  0-31, you can't have a 33rd (1<<32).
So it's either that or switch to bitfields.

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