RE: RE : Win95 Plrobj

From: Gary Barnett (
Date: 10/04/96

On Friday, October 04, 1996 2:44 AM, DJ Pure[] wrote:
>I wrote the following earlier on today, and Gary ammended it for me.
>I was asking where are the player files, etc. In the UNIX version, they
>are listed in various directories by PC name .. but in Win95, there is
>just one file in some funny code (compiled code i take it), which means
>it's very impossible to read and understand how players are recorded.
>This is what we mentioned :-
>>					\lib\  <in the lib directory>
>>						misc
>>						plrobjs
> This is the area you need to take a look at.. plrobjs
> make sure there are directories off of this one called
> a-e, f-j, k-o, p-t, u-z and zzz
>  Like i just said, Win version doesn't have this. *sigh* Which is why i
      HMO. We have two things here.. Players and their objects. The player
      information (name, stats, etc) is stored in a binary file in /lib/etc named
      players. Their objects are stored in binary files.. one per player in the
      /lib/plrobjs/xxx directory.. according to their name.

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