Re: Suggested header codes

From: Alex (
Date: 10/07/96

> I suggest the following header codes:
> N - Newbie
> O - Off-topic
> C - Code
> A - Admin
> It's not very difficult is it? Maybe messages could look like:
Sure it is.  Nobody reads the FAQs, nobody reads admin messages.
I know this for a fact.  I look after four of them.  I still get
*routinely* asked questions that are in the FAQ because I am the
maintainer.  I posted the rgmd FAQ a couple weeks ago, someone
mailed me and asked me a question that was (coincidentally) in
the second section.

> [Cir]NC: Can I get help with this?
Now tell me that people will be able to understand what this means.

Do it.  I dare you to.

Erm... Yeah.  Whatever.

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