Re: [Circle} {Newbie] Crashes...

From: Ed Beheler (
Date: 10/09/96

> Ok, our mud just crashed twice, both times, the syslog said
> "Received SIGHUP, SIGINT, or SIGTERM. Shutting down."
> What's this mean, and how is it that I may have caused this By adding a
> simple sprintf and act into do_report?????

This message may be caused by a few things:

If the machine is rebooted, you will get this message.  type 'uptime' in
the shell, and if the uptime is the difference between the last entry in
the log and the current time, that is what caused it.

If someone kills the mud's process (either the owner or root) it will 
generate this message.  (Do you have permission to run this mud?  (;  )

finally, if you start the mud and then lose your connection to the shell
you started it from, some OS's will kill your processes off.

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