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Date: 10/10/96

Wowee, Dident i hear someone saying how the number of mail this list
produced has reduced?, well if you ask me this could be one reason,
maybee a lot of people are just afraid to ask the 'Big time' guru
circle coders cuz they just get sarcasim.  And i know this is very rare
but i just got annoyed when i see the same person do the same thing here
,on this mailinglist, as they do on thier mud...
    Just thought id say so since he was makeing a friend of myself look
like an a$$:P

          and no, i am not afraid of flame at all so if you dont like 
          reply fill my mailbox with your complaints... 
At 12:02 AM 10/11/96 +0100, you wrote:
>On Thu, 10 Oct 1996, Cyanide wrote:
>> How do you give someone access to edit ALL the zones in OasisOLC?
>I can't help beeing sarcastic here... Does ANYONE EVER read the README
>files available in allmost any archives on the contrib directory at the
>circlemud archives ?? I mean, it doesn't seem so to me..
>Anyway, IF you would've been so anormal, and read the readme file comming
>with the OasisOLC package, you would've noticed that it informs of HOW to
>set ONE zone, and says that the way it has been build up, only IMP's are
>able to modify ALL zones.
>Knowing that you might be intelligent, and begin to wonder where this is
>controlled, and just MIGHT get the bright idea, that looking into olc.c
>(the version comming with oasisolc!) will be the salvation to your
>problems! And surprize YES! It is in olc.c you can controll it.
>Since I won't just ofend you, here is the code you need to modify:
>  /*. Everyone but IMPLs can only edit zones they have been assigned .*/
>  if ((GET_LEVEL(ch) < LVL_IMPL) &&
>      (zone_table[OLC_ZNUM(d)].number != GET_OLC_ZONE(ch)))
>  { send_to_char("You do not have permission to edit this zone.\r\n", ch);
>    free(d->olc);
>    return;
>  }
>You can simply delete all this, and EVERYONE having access to olc, will be
>able to edit in ALL zones. You COULD allso change the LVL_IMPL to LVL_GOD
>for example, thus a LVL_IMMORT would not be able to edit but one zone. But
>all others (LVL_GOD, LVL_GRGOD and LVL_IMPL) will be able to do so!
>You now have two solutions to choose from, all you have to do, is to find
>the LINES in olc.c where the above is... All up to you. I don't know if
>it's too difficult for you though :P
>Happy hunting,
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