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Date: 10/10/96

On Thu, 10 Oct 1996, Cyanide wrote:

> How do you give someone access to edit ALL the zones in OasisOLC?

I can't help beeing sarcastic here... Does ANYONE EVER read the README
files available in allmost any archives on the contrib directory at the
circlemud archives ?? I mean, it doesn't seem so to me..

Anyway, IF you would've been so anormal, and read the readme file comming
with the OasisOLC package, you would've noticed that it informs of HOW to
set ONE zone, and says that the way it has been build up, only IMP's are
able to modify ALL zones.
Knowing that you might be intelligent, and begin to wonder where this is
controlled, and just MIGHT get the bright idea, that looking into olc.c
(the version comming with oasisolc!) will be the salvation to your
problems! And surprize YES! It is in olc.c you can controll it.
Since I won't just ofend you, here is the code you need to modify:

  /*. Everyone but IMPLs can only edit zones they have been assigned .*/
  if ((GET_LEVEL(ch) < LVL_IMPL) &&
      (zone_table[OLC_ZNUM(d)].number != GET_OLC_ZONE(ch)))
  { send_to_char("You do not have permission to edit this zone.\r\n", ch);

You can simply delete all this, and EVERYONE having access to olc, will be
able to edit in ALL zones. You COULD allso change the LVL_IMPL to LVL_GOD
for example, thus a LVL_IMMORT would not be able to edit but one zone. But
all others (LVL_GOD, LVL_GRGOD and LVL_IMPL) will be able to do so!

You now have two solutions to choose from, all you have to do, is to find
the LINES in olc.c where the above is... All up to you. I don't know if
it's too difficult for you though :P

Happy hunting,

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