Re: [Newbie] Win95 and Renting probl

From: Gary Barnett (
Date: 10/12/96

 "DJ Pure" <> wrote: (Sat, 12 Oct 1996 21:26:05 +1000)

 >  After finding out that Win95 doesn't let you save objects WITHOUT first
 >  creating the appropriate player object directories, I did that and now the
 >  Players can save all their objects they have on them ..
 >  *BUT* anything they are wearing,holding etc DOESN'T GET SAVED in the last
 >  position but is placed back into the players inventory when the player
 >  returns.

 This is the proper behavior for stock circle code. There is a patch on
 the ftp site ( called AUTOEQ I think.. It will update
 circle to store wear positions with the items, and so on.. I'm using it
 and it works perfectly.

  I haven't modified the code in anyway (besides creating those
 >  directories) and when the player logs back in, it's recorded as
 >  'retrieving crashed saved items and entering game'.

 This is also normal behavior.

 > The RENT command
 >  doesn't work (it only says type quit and your items will be saved - that
 >  was how it came with the Win95 downloaded code) and QUIT is used to quit.

 Look in CONFIG.C and change the constant (int free_rent = NO)
 Hope this helps.

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