Queued output?

From: The Arrow (pt94jpi@student.hk-r.se)
Date: 10/14/96

Yesterday I was writing to a board in my (to be) mud, when a mob entered the
room. I was quite irritated of the enter message that popped up right in
the text I was writing. So, Jeremy :), could you (or someone else out on the
net?) consider making the output system in comm.c (write_to_socket,
process_output) into a queued system? If it is possible, then it is easy to
check if a player is writing/mailing to just skip to write to the player in
process_output, and write all queued output when ht eplayer no longer is
It's just a thought, I have no idea wether it is doable or not, but with some
work I think it is doable. Unfortunatly I don't have any time to look more
into it my self at the moment.

/ Joachim

  The Arrow

  Joachim Pileborg       Email: pt94jpi@student.hk-r.se
  Svarvarevägen 5
  37230 Ronneby          http://www.rby.hk-r.se/~pt94jpi/pt94jpi.html

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