Re: [Offtopic] Are you a roleplayer? Funny site.

From: Devastations Mud Admin-Team (
Date: 10/15/96

On Tue, 15 Oct 1996, M.C. Lewis wrote 

> If you run a large MUD, sooner or later you may get noticed by these
> loonies...
> It's only a matter of time before someone running a MUD gets charged
> with something because a misguided parent doesn't approve of his/her
> child's activites.  Some MUDs have sex, almost all have violence...
> Perhaps we need to start an organization like the EFF but specifically
> for providers of online entertainment?

This is a good point. 

   I think that I will be adding a discaimer command and add it to the
policy therefore mudders are responcible for there own actions and are 
forwarned of the matterial on them so they cant do crap about lawsuites, 
charges or whatever the hell they wana do.

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