Date: 10/18/96

I think all of you are over reacting to this on thing. This is my view
on using TSR and other materials in muds.

To begin with, these materials are provided to DM's (dungeon masters)
to create fantasy worlds and gaming environments for players. They
provide  a foundation to build from. They even have a kit you can by
supplying sample material for you to build from, and much of it is
stuff from actual modules. 

In my opinion, that is exactly what a mud is. Instead of a bunch of
people crowded in a basement all weekend, they connect through their 
computer and play.

As far as a copyright violation, it would take a very long time, and 
more money than it was worth to process such a trivial case through
the legal system. And then, any and all retributions being based on
the monetary gain by the infringer, makes the whole effort a waste
of time. After all, I do not know of any muds that make any money,
or any significant amount of money that is. 

I would be more concerned about violating these internet deceny laws
than breaking copyrights, these would fetch a higher punishment by far.

On a sidenote to TSR, I hardly think they would post theer entire
collection of gaming material on the web if they were worried about
a couple of kids using the stuff in a mud.

2 cents,

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