Re: [Off-Topic (?)] Hunger and Thirst

From: Patrick R. Stecker (
Date: 10/20/96

At 04:51 AM 10/20/96 -0400, John Doe wrote:
>I'm just curious as to whether other implementors have made it possible
>for one to die of hunger or thirst... If you decide to make it possible

        This was placed in my mud for a short while.  It was very unpopular
due to the fact that a lot of people like to be afk from time to time (i.e.
bathroom break, phone, doorbell, etc etc).  This made it very unpleasant for
my players since they go answer the phone, come back and they're dead (boy
were they mad heh).  Sure they could quit and log out, but look at it from
the player's perspective... why do all that work when they can call another
mud that doesn't harass them much.  Anyway, I took it out and applied it to
their 'moves'.  I.e. they're hungry, they can't move much (imagine a thirsty
man CRAWLING through the desert for some water hehe).  Be sure to give maybe
1 or 2 hours of warning before they get hungry/thirsty though.  Something
like "You are getting hungry/thirsty" etc.  Nothing more annoying than
resting/sleeping and waiting for the tick and then "You are hungry" and you
get screwed out of your tick heal :).  Ah well, just my 2 cents.

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