bitfields, last time :P
Date: 10/20/96

well, since i anticipate losing net.access tomorrow for an indefinite
period of time, i just uploaded the work i have done so far on the
bit-fields source code to  it includes the full
distribution of files (i.e. the lib dir, plrobj dir, etc.).
it still doesn't work, and probably isn't even near completion -
i am still only on act.item.c :P 
but if you want to have a look at it, and maybe even try to fix it up
a bit more :)  
just be warned that it is based upon patch level 8 of version 3.  i
didn't try applying the patch to upgrade from 8 to 11, but i doubt if
it would go in smoothly, since the bit-fields represent some serious
changes to some of the fundamental stuff.

heh.. i just realized i forgot to put my name/address in the README
file i made up, but i guess i won't matter much, if i am losing my net
access anyways ;P
oh well.

have fun :)
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