[Code] Cont oasis probs

From: Elziere - de Groot (aveae@ptdprolog.net)
Date: 10/20/96


   This may sound like i reposting the same questiong to some of
you, but im just reposting the same problem:(  In Oasis Olc's MEDIT
when i editing an existing mob everything works fine, but when our
builders create a new mob and go to Save Internally the mud crashes 
on a segmentation fault:(  I inserted a bunch of messages  so i could
attempt to pin point the problem:

    /*. Ensure mob has MOB_ISNPC set or things will go pair shaped .*/
    send_to_char("before set is_npc", d->character);
    send_to_char("after npc flag set", d->character);

but when builders enter Y or Yes for save internally they dont even get the
"Before set is_npc" mess.  Does anyone have an idea where is a better 
place for me to test this? or have any idea on what the heck is wrong?

it appears to me that when the mud gets to Medit_confirm_savestring it
just stops there and goes down.  

                                            Hope someone can help

              also, sorry if this is the second time you receive this, i
wasent sure if i sent it;)
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