Re: [NEWBIE] Syserr (fwd)

From: The Chuckster (
Date: 10/21/96

> ok, I'm rather new to running a MUD
> and I've been getting the SYSERR
> SYSERR: ch->in_room = NOWHERE when equipping char.
> every time someone logs on, the main problem with this is that it lags 
> the entire mud down severely because it does it a lot of times...
> I am running pretty much stock circle with a few additions right now
> (Circle3.0bpl11) ummm any suggestions on what to look for or where to 
> look, or even what to do would be helpful, or if you need more info... 

I had simiilair problems and several others did to at the time I installed
that patch. I do not believe anyone ever offered a fix other than removing
the segment of code that logs the error. That is all I did and I have not seen
any problems related to the patch..


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