[patch release] social_editor.tar.gz

From: Michael Scott (scottm@dns.workcomm.net)
Date: 10/25/96

'aedit' code (an online socials editor which fits into oasisolc's style 
of things) for a STOCK circlemud with only the oasisolc patch installed.

	What this means for those of you with modified muds.  You have 
the best available resource for adding an online socials editor into your 
circle based mud.  A patch.  I highly suggest you read the README and 
back up your entire mud before attempting any changes.

	Anyways, its in the incoming dir at ftp.circlemud.org.. so in the 
next day or so it should be available for your perusal.

                      Michael Scott -- "Living in the Eye of the Hurricane."
		      FLAMES/COMMENTS to scottm@workcomm.net
                      bugs/thanks/hatemail go here ^^^ ;]

Ps.  I appreciate a note if you plan on using it in a running mud, 
although you dont necessarily have to put me in the credits. :>
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