[INFO] Great book

From: Sammy (samedi@clark.net)
Date: 10/28/96

I found a really good book that explains the basics of a wide variety of
unix topics that I think would greatly benefit non-coding inplementors,
and beginner and intermediate coders.

Beginning Linux Programming by Neil Matthew and Richard Stones
Wrox Press ISBN 1-874416-68-0

It covers shell programming, terminal IO prgramming, file IO programming,
socket programming, RCS, makefiles, gdb, signals, semaphores,  and IPC,
and many other useful topics.  It's easy to understand and it provides
lots of useful examples.  The example code is also available on the wrox
web site at www.wrox.com.

If you only buy one book, this is a good choice.  Don't let the name fool
you.  The examples are all based on linux, but nearly everything applies
to any other unix operating system you're using.


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