How to dupe eq cookbook

From: Chi Hoai Tran (
Date: 10/28/96

   As I promised earlier, I will list ways to dupe eq.
1 high level player (they are the ones who usually have eq worth duping)
1 newbie char
1 mud client (eg. TINTIN)

1/  Lagging the mud way
Work out how often autosave occurs.
After the next autosave, quickly transfer all eq and gold from high
leveller to newbie char.  SAVE for newbie char, BUT NOT again for high
NOW, buy hundreds and hundreds of pets (and I mean HUNDREDS. Dont skimp
out because you are duping gold as well remember?)
Alias the following :
  alias tt ord fol t zombie hello;ord fol t zombie hello;ord fol t zombie
hello; ord fol t zombie hello
   (I think this should do)

Then, using mud client; do   #100 tt
This then causes the mud to lag heaps, and if you have enough pets,
you will lag the mud over the time limit - in which the mud then
The mud now autoreboots, with your eq from your LAST SAVE,
which was when the high leveller had his eq and gold, and when the newbie
char saved with the same eq.  Et voila!

SOLUTION :- (Heh, of course I would print solutions to this :)
1/  Get rid of pets?? (Very drastic, but easy option)
2/  Make a check for how many followers the player has, and limit
    them.  On Dark Realms, they can only have 6 other mobs following them.
    Do a loop of ch->followers etc...

This is the most obvious example of the methods that HAVE BEEN used
on my muds (Yeah, we have some very mean players *grin*).
I will list some more in the future...have fun and watch out for those
sneaky players that have EXACTLY the same eq --- snooping really really
is useful *grin*


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