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From: Takis Kalogiratos (
Date: 10/30/96

At 14:44 30/10/96 -0500, you wrote:
>I think you have a wonderful idea!  So many features on 
>circle muds are now quite "standard" but not in stock circle.
I know :)

>Here are some fairly standard features I prized as a player:
>saved aliases
already done those
>scan command
this one too :)
>standard AD&D-type races i.e. elves, dwarves, halflings etc.
I'm working on it (races,classes,spells) using ad&d sources like :
  Players Handbook, DM's Guide and Tome of Magic (by TSR) 
I've found implemented in bpl11 but I recoded so they use an importance (by
the eye of the player) order ("re" will not rest but reply as "sc" will not
scan but score...)
>saved eq in place (although you might want to code it so the 
>weapon stays in the inventory-so people can't wield too-heavy 
I will code this as an option specified in config.c

>Here are some features that are commonly seen but often not 
>done right from a game design standpoint
>levels beyond 30
>super classes like the AD&D monk that are unbalancing
>super races that have advantages, but no disadvantages
I am using an Idea I got from Dark Chronicles MUD ( 4000 IMPS:
Antioch and Wand) on having as a default level 30 which you could stay on
(spending exp by buying hps etc) or Remortalize in order to choose on of the
   Remort. classes on DC there are (Anti)-Paladins, NightBlades (a
combination     between Mage-Thief), and Bards such us all the known classes
(War,Cle,Mag,Thi) able to reach level 40 (This could be level 50,60 etc...
it's up to the Imp). I'll think I'll use that system (if Antioch allows me
too) plus adding classes like monks, druids etc... All of them coded in a
STRICTLY ad&d compatible system ...
>These types of features have to be considered carefully from 
>a game-balance position.  IMO they are probably more work 
>than they are worth, but that is only my opinion.
This is highly considered...

>A number of things I've seen or have done myself that are 
>kinda neat are:

>Making pickproof locks pickable, but with big negatives, and 
>then having negative effects (i.e. traps) associated with 
>failing to pick a lock.  For example, on my mud a thief who 
>fails his pick lock roll may take damage, be poisoned or be 
>blinded by various trap-like effects. 
Good idea but it should go on an option in config.c too...

>Missile weapons: Just a kewl thing to have
Yes, ranged combat and projectiles are being coded as an option too :)

>Making certain spells do level-dependent damage as in AD&D.  
>The casting cost would rise with level also.  (I can give you 
>the parameters I'm using, but they haven't been rigorously 
>tested yet as to playability)
This goes on the STRICTLY ad&d I mentioned above too... Let me mention that
ad&d   compatibility will be kept as much as possible...there ara some
things that   just cannot be implemented on a mud server...

>A flying zone to allow quick transport from one area to 
 I think that's up to builders...hmm maybe an automaping feature as a skill
or  something bought with exp but that would need a lot of ram and disk
space on  the server (imagine 10 players using automap when traveling 40
rooms...) maybe this could go as an option too for SUPERSERVERS...

Thanks for your feedback,
  "...everybody stood still when they heard that scream that seemed like a
Name :
 "Yog Sototh", which noone understood its meaning but felt the strange taste
of  terror, on that dark Haloween night..."

  "... and noone understood who He was and why His power was so great, even when
 He climbed the Great Hill on Halloween and shouted His Father's Name."

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