Re: [Circle] Newbie? Hardly.

From: Michael Steinmann (
Date: 11/04/96

Hmm, your response is highly immature for one thing, and honestly I don't 
agree with you.  First off, what you wrote in your original letter 
(something like "make me something worth patching in") was showing your 
laziness to go out and BE ORIGINAL.  If you are as experienced as you say 
you are, then just code it yourself.  As for not wanting to waste time, 
welcome to MUD admin, if you don't want to spend the time, I highly 
encourage you to NOT run a mud.  And C buggy?  Not a chance, only the 
code that people make, buy a book, thats what they're for (believe it or 


Waste time not when thou hast not time to waste.

On Mon, 4 Nov 1996, BlackWind wrote:

> I'm hardly a newbie, don't fuck around and start wise cracking your
> mouth at me, I've added plenty of things ON my own.  The reason I ask
> for these things, is I've seen how they work, and cannot copy the format
> exactly, when I find something like this, I don't wanna waste my time
> and make one of my own, cause it's a royal pain in the ass, Am I right?
> Maybe if circlemud were in C++ I wouldn't mind as much, but C is too
> damn long, and too damn buggy.
>  So, do NOT tell me I am a newbie, and give me some half ass lecture
> about getting a programming book, If you think me ASKING for this help
> is annoying, then tell me so.  But I thought that was what this mailing
> list was for.....Now, a DECENT reply to my question please, don't waste
> my time with this kind of crock of shit.
> 	Blackwind.
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