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From: root (root@federation.osp.nl)
Date: 11/06/96

Hi all,

As I was debugging Oasis OLC I found a weird bug in code I hadn't touched (!!)
yet (Dunno if it exists in all circle patchlevels). If you check castle.c there 
is a routine which assigns all castle procs. This routine uses a macro which is
allso defined in castle.c : 
	C_MOB_SPEC(zone,mob) (mob_index[real_mobile(((zone)*100)+(mob))].func)
Well I found out that when the code to try assign mob 15000 (which does not exist
in my 150.mob) the macro does the following : mob_index[-1].func = blahblah
							----- outcome of real_mobile!
Well, this prevented the mob_index from ever to be freed without a crash!
It should crash at the assignment but HPUX, Linux and AIX didn't crash, they
only crashed when you try to free mob_index. 

Hope this helps y'all,

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