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From: Christopher M. Ryan (
Date: 11/06/96

>  An example: shopkeeping is done by a mob. It is easy to change that so
> that the job is vacant and can be ocupied by some player. The player gets

> a percentage on seels/buys and maybe a fee every hour.
	We MUST be thinking on the same lines ;)

>  Another one: a castle captain can offer equipment to those who defend
> castle against some enemy. Or if you assist some kind of mob you get
> rewarded.
	Great now you kinda just stole my next idea :P

>  And the most likely wanted by a mud admin: quests can be made just by
> giving a player some object that can only be traded with another object
> (owned by another player). The objects are usseless to the players
> originaly owning them, so the players have to search for the porpouse of
> such item, loking around for clues, asking, killing, stealing, etc, (the
> usual stuff).
	I like the sound of that! Howabout for an example You give a player a
piece of a sword ;) the sword is completely useless as a piece so if you
want (oh did i mention the best sword on the mud ;>) the sword you have to
find an armourer to fix. well it's magical so not just any armourer can
fix. Great now the player has a problem. maybe you can tell him a name of
the armorer or direction or not. Then the armourer needs some special items
to fix the sword (not to mention the other half which could be in the hands
of a newbie, dragon, wizard, in a lava lake :) tada instant quest for the
ultimate masaqure weapon. Hey maybe he'll get his friends to help and when
they find out his secert.... BABOOM conflict!

>  All of this can be implemented, some easely and some not so easely, and
> defenately get roleplaying in the mud.
>  I'dd like to ear more examples like that.
>       Jorge Guilherme

ok here was my idea that i was going to share that was similar ot the
captian guard and shopkeeper.

	You set up a recruiters office for the city/king's/town's whatever guard
or maybe a trveling merchant about to embark and need mercenary's to
protect him. Anyway the player would perform certain duties in the guard
job and in return get some food, armour, pay and/or rent free. In return
the player has to do a chore or task. Help a newbie, stand at a gate and
keep out badies look for a thief (PC/NPC). player would be penelized or
punished or made an outlaw for certain actions deemed unexceptable... i.e.
while helping the newbie he got mad and killed him instead, WHOOPS, "it was
an accident i sware!" say's the player. The guards grin as one states,
"tell that to the worms after your buried." The next could be with the gate
guarding where the player had to stay at the gate until another guard came
and relievd him and if he left he would be charged with a fee or striped a
rank. The thief hunting would be the best because if the player stuck it
out and gained a certain rank he could take a set of guards out with him to
get the thief. ;->

	The mercenary bit is a little different but i am sure anyone could adapt
the concept to make it fit. :)

Christopher M. Ryan

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