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From: Jason (
Date: 11/06/96

On Wed, 6 Nov 1996, DJ Pure wrote:

> Has anyone successfully done the following on Win95 with the stock code
> ported for that?
> 1. Successfully make the players save their items (in their last eq
> poitions) and when the player returns, the eq is already loaded back to
> where it last was worn ?
> 2.Created a syslog, so all 'log' commands log the info to a file, not to
> the screen?

These should all be simple code modifications, and if you don't know how
to do it, I am sure there is a patch somewhere.

> 3. created a bat file so when the game crashes, it auto loads again?

Come on.. you can do that in a 3 line batch file..

goto startloop

You can add errorlevel case statements for whatever diabolical purposes
you need. ;)

> 4. Made a project with all the .c and .h files, so all you have to do is
> type build and it compiles all relevant files (that were changed, just
> like what a Makefile does). This is so I can use the watch command and
> breakpoints, etc. to trace through the code. ??? [This is of course for MS
> Visual Basic].

Why would you make a project with .c and .h files in Visual BASIC?  It's a
easy-to-use language and all, but I don't think it compiles stuff for you
when it's in a different language.

> Thanks all, and please don't flame me for using MS. I know it sucks, but i
> sorta have to use it becuase i'm don't have Linux and ain't gonna get it.

I'm not.. they're great development tools.  You just gotta know what
you're doing. 

BTW - Linux is free, and you can use UMSDOS to share your already made
partition, albiet slower.


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