[Circle] [Admin/Code] Fly Spell

From: Brian Guilbault (guil9964@nova.gmi.edu)
Date: 11/07/96


I have added flying to my mud now and everything went according to plan 
(eventually...but you know how that goes). Anyway, the spell has led to 
an admin question and a coding question.

The admin question is this: To those of you who have imped flying, what 
do you do when a char's flying spell wears off when they are in a flying 
room? The way I plan to do it is is deal damage to the character if they 
are in a normal room (they can't fly indoors, but can anywhere else). 
But in a FLYING room, what do you do with them? You can't really say, 
"You fall on the ground" when there is no ground, and outright killing 
them seems a bit harsh. Anyway just curious.

The coding question: Is there a function built in someplace that checks 
the duration left on spells? I know about the wear-off messages, but I'd 
like to send a message to char when time left on fly is 2, and 1, and 
then finally do the damage or whatever when it reaches 0. I imagine I 
could write something with a few str_cmp lines but I was just wondering 
if it already does this someplace because I can't seem to find anything.

Thanks for your help,


P.S.--> I will post my fly code to the list and the ftp site when it's 
done in case anyone wants it. 

Brian Guilbault - GMI Engineering Institute
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