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From: M.A.Clubine (
Date: 11/09/96

It's not that I am pissed that people wont fix my code, I'm just a little 
frustrated that there are all these people on here and when a newbie does 
something he/she gets flamed by like 20 people and these stupid threads 
start.  Now when I have a serious question/problem I get ignored.  Ok, 
well this isn't a bug report, and this isn't a suggestion.  It is a 
question.  And since noone has responded I am left to assume that noone 
knows the answer to this question, or that people dont give a damn.  
Since I don't believe noone knows the answer or could give me a tip, I am 
left to believe that people here done give a damn.  So this list is then 
bogus and has no real purpose.  But whatever you people want to do, just 
dont spam my mailbox anymore with flames when you can't take the time to 
actually help.

Monroe - Eternal

> > for me.  Otherwise, what is the purpose of this list?  We just sit around 
> > and flame newbies but never bother to help each other unless it's 
> > blatently obvious?  I apologize to those who didn't get the first message 
> Not to fix your code for you, that is for sure. I think it is to share
> ideas, to make bug reports and suggestions to Jeremy, and yes to ask
> questions. However dont get pissed when somepne wont fix your code for
> you....

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