Re: [Circle] Ships

From: Christopher M. Ryan (
Date: 11/09/96

> Well, the rooms would have to move... cus I kinda wanted to see something
> where you could enter a multiple room ship and the whole thing could move
> about, but to the person in the room the ship enters, it appears as an
> object...  Do you understand what I'm saying?  You like, see the ship as
> object, and you can "enter" it, and move around within it...  like an
> that moves, and it has rooms in it.  Is this too complex to even think
> trying?
> Nick B
	Well let me just give you a run down of how to go about doing (or how i
would do it).

	1.) Create a zone called ship (or whatever you want.)

	2.) Create an object (ship for example) and associate a special proc that
lets you type enter or what not.

	3.) have it so that when the player types enter it will display a message
and then put them in whatever room you want.

	4.) make it so that in one of the rooms that the player can type exit and
walla you put the player in whatever room the object is in. you maight want
to do some checking first though for whatever reasons. you don't want a
player to end up in the middle of  the ocean with no raft ;)

Have fun!

Christopher M. Ryan

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