Re: [Circle] [Code] ACMD dec

From: DJ Pure (
Date: 11/14/96

> spells.c:455: warning: implicit declaration of function `ACMD'

	I'm not very good with errors, but my best guess is that you have not
added in two more lines in the INTERPRETER.C. In that file there is the
Master Command List (tm). You have add the ACMD command in there AND the
prototype (ie. the function header, which is ACMD(do_xxx);) just above
that [where all the rest are]. That's it.

Oh speaking of the Master Command List (tm), what are all the values in
there mean, Like the first one is the command the pc's/imms would type,
the second one is the minimum something, the third is the function to
call, and the rest are something .. anyone want to clarify this please?

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