[Circle] People in same room ..

From: DJ Pure (pure@ozramp.net.au)
Date: 11/22/96

	for the Eliza code (huge credit goes out to Ric (aka Grtnx Ric -
j.klaren@student.utwente.nl) who has helped me heaps in this) , he has
modified his char_data a tad, which includes the people currently in the
room (described below with this piece of code ..)

// ch here is the PC saying the phrase
 void chatperformtoroom( struct char_data *ch, char *txt )
	struct char_data *vch;

	if( IS_NPC(ch) )
		return;        /* we dont want NPCs trigger'ing events */

	for( vch = ch->in_room->people; vch != NULL; vch = vch->next_in_room )
		/* RK: contained once a check for mobprogs see stuff in Original dir */
		if ( IS_NPC( vch ) && AWAKE(vch) )

any sugesstions peoples? Remember, this is taken out of the Eliza upload
from ftp site, and i'm using win95. 

Thanks all to those helpful friends out there in cyber land.

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