[CODE] Zone reseting question.

From: Fionn Colvin (fcolvin@metz.une.edu.au)
Date: 12/01/96

Hiya all,
         I would like to make it so when my mud initially boots up the
max_existing for mobs and objects is ignored. What whould I have to look
at to achieve this?
  Let me explain why I want to do this. Say you have a real big weapon
which you only want one of to be load into the mud per boot-up. I was
thinking that you could put a max_existing of 1 on it, then load one copy
of it where you want it and another it a special room which couldn't be
accessed by anyone. That way even if a player gets the weapon and then
rents it out. He/she still won't be able to go back and get another at
repop. Same for special mobs etc. :)

Thanks for any help.

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