CODE:Death & DT

From: Administrador do Muds (
Date: 12/01/96

 Hey all,       
        I made some changes do the death code. Now when you die, you return
to a starting room, loose a bunch of exp but keep the stuff with you. Its working
fine, but I have two doubts about it:

        -To do this, I changed the extract_char function. Since this function
is called from the DT rotine too, I had to add a test, so if the person died due to
a DT he would loose everything and return to the menu. So I added a !GET_POS(ch)=POS_DEAD
teste. Is this a good way to test if the person died or DT?

        -Also, to see how much exp the person loose, I'd like to calculete the HIT and
MAX_HIT from the mob, but FIGHTING(ch) is returning a nul pointer, even if I call
it before stop_fighting (from fight.c). So, how do I know who te person was
fighting with ?



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