Re: Armor Bizzareness
Date: 12/01/96

The Dark One wrote:
> I was working on the armor system...trying to give it a wider range
> of values instead of -10 10
> so here goes...
> a) why does an ac value of 1 on an item give me an ac of 97/10
>    instead of 99/100.
> b) where is this strange 3*  coming from?
Items worn in differant places have differant multipliers to the
affect.  An item worn on the body with and ac apply of 3 will, in fact,
affect the ac by 9, due to it's location.  I believe that the spots with
a *3 are head and body, and the places with *2 are neck legs arms and
rest are *1.

P.S The last part may not be accurate, I'm going from memory.

Dennis Starker
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