[newbie] rent problems

From: Joe Frohne (frohne@post.its.mcw.edu)
Date: 12/01/96

Hi All,
I have a pretty basic question.  I am running the circle3.0p11.  The 
problem I am having is in renting.  If a character rents, his items are 
not stored and just drop to the ground.  It works this way regardless if 
I charge for rent or not.  If I charge for rent, the receptionist leads 
him to his room and says stores objects.  When player returns, hes in the 
inn, but alas, his items are on the ground. 

Am I missing a patch or is there a setting I overlooked?

Also, I was trying to put items on new characters.  I tried to use the 
obj_to_char() function.  This did not seem correct and crashed the mud.  
Any hints on that is also welcome!

Thank you all very much

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