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From: The Chuckster (
Date: 12/03/96

> I was calling the ISP's around here (Saint Paul, Minnesota) and the people are
> talking about charging me $150 to $350 dollars a month to let me run my mud on
> thier server. Can anyone give me some advice on how to run it from home, or a
> name of a service provider? I have a pent. 133 win95 willing to put linux on
> it.
Jeesus H,


Try looking around at other providers.  Hell, I get free service just
for running my mud at my site. You gotta bull shit your provider and tell
them shit like it will attract users etc.... I weaselled 50 megs of space
and my mud runs on a sparc 20 that is only used by the employees and a few
of their friends.

Try other cities, my particuliar provider is in Kansas City. Also, if you
are in school, make friends with grad students, they often have access to
rarely used machines. I ran a mud from a school machine for a few semesters.
(on a nice T-3 I might add...)

If you have a local dialup, I would definetly just start searching other cities.
Also, find providers that are new in business and attack them.. =)

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