Re: [CODE]Classes Errors

From: Lt. M. DeVelaine (
Date: 12/04/96

Peter Hartman wrote:
> My guess in my uneducated way is that the definition wherever that may
> be of how high ITEM_ANTI_x is in struct.h is limited to 32 bits.
> BAsically beyond that i am stumped on how to fix it :>.  Please if you
> ahve any ideas how i can fix it to allow me to do it right or if you
> want more information let me know.
> wart

That's what stopping it, but it's a system limit, not a code limit. I
think the only way to fix this would be to start another set of ITEM_x
defines, maybe one for races and one for classes. I'm not totally sure
on how to do that though...

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