From: Mark H Marihugh (
Date: 12/04/96

Hi, I'm having trouble figuring out what's crashing my mud. I installed 
the mobprog patch and everything compiled fine. When anyone tries to 
'say' on the mud, it crashes. I'm also using the patched-up version of 
the source code(patched.src_1.1.tar)
Here's the 'do_say' code from act.comm.c


  if (!*argument)
    send_to_char("Yes, but WHAT do you want to say?\r\n", ch);
  else {
    argument = makedrunk(argument, ch);
    sprintf(buf, "$n says, '%s'", argument);
    MOBTrigger = FALSE;
    act(buf, FALSE, ch, 0, 0, TO_ROOM);
      send_to_char(OK, ch);
    else {
      sprintf(buf, "You say, '%s'", argument);
      act(buf, FALSE, ch, 0, argument, TO_CHAR);
  mprog_speech_trigger(argument, ch);
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