auto stats in OLC...

From: Terry Valladon (
Date: 12/04/96

ok... we have oassis OLC and are looking to make it so when a BUILDER types
in the level it modifyes all the stats to match... has anyone done this and
how do I go about doing it? we preaty much have the stats figured out for
the mobs... but I when training new builders we seem to get a few 100000HP
1000000 HP-bouns 100d100 hid/dam/ect mobs...
and I would like to keep this from hapening... thanks...


if anyone has got the item-affections to work please let me know... I added
the code and it compiled fine but when I add the TEST obj to the OBJ file it
dont do anything... please help =:) thanks...

Cyber Reaper.

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