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Date: 12/05/96

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> Forgive the naivity of this question, but what are the differences 
> between mud types (not Mush/MOO, but ROM, Merc, Envy...) that would 
> change the code for various snippets?  Most of the versions I've 
> looked over look similiar to one another, am I missing something?

>From what I've seen, there are only a few major types of 
MUD/whatever, and a few variations of each.

 ---> Extracted from the faq <---

1.2. What different kinds of MUDs are there?

You'll notice the disclaimer on this FAQ mentions TinyMUD. That's one
common type of MUD, but there are many different types of MUDs out
there. The Tiny- and Teeny- family of MUDs are usually more social in
orientation; the players on those MUDs tend to gather, chat, meet
friends, make jokes, and discuss all kinds of things. 

The LP- family of MUDs, including Diku and AberMUD, are usually based
on roleplaying adventure games; the players on those MUDs tend to run
around in groups or alone killing monsters, solving puzzles, and
gaining experience in the quest to become a wizard. 

There are still other types of MUDs, such as MOOs, UnterMUDs, and so
forth. Each type has its own unique style, and players are rarely
forced to stick to one type of playing - there's no rule that says an
LPMUD _must_ be a combat-oriented MUD, or that a TinyMUSH _must not_
be a combat-oriented MUD. We suggest that you experiment around with
several different types of MUDs to see what you find is the most
interesting. If there's one thing MUDdom has, it's variety. 

---> End <---

Hope this gives you a general idea as to how the various approaches 
to MUDding differ.

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