Re: adding a (alias?) name...
Date: 12/05/96

> ok, I am trying to make a MORPH spell in witch the person morts into a
> random mob...
> depending on level and skill and mana it could be a week mob (mouse) or a
> strong one (dragon)... now I have it so when you morph it shows everyone in
> the ROOM a DRAGIN stands here... but I just added a case to list_one_char
> (or something like that)...
> how do I make it so a person in the room can type HIT DRAGON?? also how do I
> change the hit/mana/move/str/ect... temporaly... and have it reset back
> after the spell is removed?
> Please help...
> Cyber Reaper...
Here's a small (i don't know if it will work) idea.. look at switch and 
see how that is done.. then when the spell is cast, load the mob you want 
them to transform into, switch them in, and send the original body of to 
limbo or something... then when the spell wears off perform the switch 
Also you are gonna need to do things like kill the player if the mob 
dies, etc, and stuff like that..

Just some ideas, this -might- work.. ;)

--Pegasus of OnyxMUD

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