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From: Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira (
Date: 12/05/96

On Thu, 5 Dec 1996, Scoob wrote:

> Forgive the naivity of this question, but what are the differences 
> between mud types (not Mush/MOO, but ROM, Merc, Envy...) that would 
> change the code for various snippets?  Most of the versions I've 
> looked over look similiar to one another, am I missing something?

Well, for someone that has been trying to port some stuff from a ROM mud I
can tell you, the do differ, *A LOT*.

It all depends on what you want to use and how it is implemented.

For example, the player structure in ROM has nothing to do whatsoever with
Circle, so porting anything that messes with the player file is a pain and
also means repetitive player file deleteion (sounds like a disease, sure
feels like one). The same applies for porting specific object things, like
mobiles flags or behavior, room, object or mob specials, spells, etc.

Some other things are more or less painless, for example implementing (or
trying to) the AFK command in ROM looks easier than you think. Some spells
are also very useful and they have a jukebox procedure that gives a music
(written, the lyrics only) channel to the mud that I am taking a peek at
tomorrow (mainly entertainment).

All in all, you can use any code as a base, just don't expect to be able
to snatch or hack code flawlessly and painlessly because it just ain't

I've used Circle and Mud features porting to learn C, at which I am
starting to become proficient (if still a little passive), that's the
reason I sometimes fix things or ask for stuff without knowing the exact
words (I just recently figured out that the thing I was calling 'tables'
are officially called 'arrays.'..:) 


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