[The Nexus] Now taking Staff applications for roleplaying MUD

From: John C. A. Bambenek, Esq. (bambenek@alecto.physics.uiuc.edu)
Date: 12/06/96

Soon, "The Nexus" MUD will be opening for active development.  This MUD 
is based on the Circle code, but will be heavily modified.  The major 
feature of this MUD will be roleplaying, and a dynamic to keep 
roleplaying going, 24/7.  At this time, I will be interviewing for all 
staff personnel positions listed below.

World Builders : Will assist the Design Administrator in developing the 4 
worlds of Nexus, among other miscellaneous tasks to assist in roleplaying.

Character Administrators : Will oversee the dynamic of the game, making 
sure it stays insideestablished guidelines (cheating, etc), and will 
handle major player problems, also will run quests, and guide roleplaying 
lines, when necessary

Hardcoders : Well assist Head Administrator (me) to implement changes and 
develop new code.

Director of World Design : Will oversee the building and designing and 
modfication of the Nexus worlds.

Director of Player Relations : Will oversee the player base, and make 
sure the roleplay goes in line, and oversees the Char Admin staff, also 
integral part of making decisions and rulings regarding roleplay and 
major disputes.

Assistant Head Admin : Does a little bit of everything, works closely 
with me to get the place to rok.

Any interested people drop me and e-mail, and I will contact you for an 
interview.  Send any and all qualifications you have.  I look forward to 
talking to many of you soon.

"For on this journey, this destiny, I must travel alone." 
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