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From: raistlin (
Date: 12/07/96

> I would just like to thanks all the flames I have gotten.  Over piddily 
> shit about not cropping the amount I quote a reply too.  Since I reply on 
> top, usually it doesn't matter, so have it your way.  I asked for 
> applicants, though input is always welcome, chumps running around that 
> must flame someone to death if they don't agree with their style is not.
Yeah, same thing happened to me, except they kicked me out of the list, didn't
agree with what I was saying.  Know what I said about them?  Fuck um.. I'll do
what I please...

> I am doing something with Circle that I have not seen done before, ie 
> RolePlaying, that in and of itself requires organization, I don't plan to 
> run it like the military, in fact, I plan to be pretty flexible, but I 
> want to be sure shit gets done, is that so wrong?
Ohh god!  You mean you want to pick from a bunch of people and try and get the
best workers and loose the rest of the losers?  Jesus Christ!  Thats a sin here
on the circle mud list, you have to be a loser first, before you do something
like that.  HAHA!  Ain't that right list?  Thats okay you kick me out this time
I promise I'll have some redemption.....

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