Re: list (fwd)

From: Steve Reeves (
Date: 12/08/96

>Once again, another faked mail.  This makes two that I've seen.  The
>sooner something is done, the happier I will be.
Yup.. but.. notice this line from the headers:

>Received: from CLEMSON.EDU by (SMI-8.6/SMI-SVR4)
  The person originated from Clemson.. :>  Someone should mail all relevant
people there [ie, postmaster, root, whatever.] and complain.  The people
there can probably do something about it.  :>  


Steve Reeves --,,
"The most spirtual beings, if we assume they are the most courageous, also
experience by far the most painful tragedies:  But just for that reason they
honor life because it pits the greatest opposition against them." -- Nietzsche

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