Problems with New Spell

From: Nicholas S. Wourms (
Date: 12/08/96

Okay, I am really stumped here.  I went and put in a new spell, firestorm,
aand now it is acting crazy.  It is a damage spell, but it only works some
of the time.  I think the mobs save, but when you cast it 50 time, and no
mob is affected, it is strange.  But at another minute, it will work every
time.  I would appreciuate any help, 'cause my chars won't find this spell
handy otherwise.  BTW, should savin_throws in magic.c be set as low as 0?
Perhaps this is the problem, the mob is saving all of the time.  To Further
ask for help, is there any way, short of lowering the mob's level, of
decreasing the chance to save from within the spell?  Thanks for any help!!!
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