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Date: 12/09/96

At 12:11 PM 12/10/96 +1100, you wrote:
>Not a good idea throwing accusations around without evidence.....
>> On Sun, 8 Dec 1996, Alex Fletcher wrote:
>> It would seem as if either raistlin or bambenek are a little flamed and
>> trying to wreak havok in your list... What do you think?
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Also, another thing. Maybe you all better think about this before you go
the school or anything like that.

Yea, maybe this guy is faking email or whatever. He hasn't done anything
real offensive
or annoying. Schools don't look at things in such a manner, they may even
expell a student
for something such at this. I am not defending this imposter, I have just
seen what my
school does for the smallest little infractions related to school equipment.

My suggestions is post a warning to list for it to stop (already has
happened) and see if it stops
or try getting in touch with the actual imposter. Schools tend to deal out
punishments far greater
than the deed may require. (setting the good ole example they say)..

I know, I have been in trouble many of times with my school =)

Of course this isn't my mail he is faking so maybe I would feel differently
if I was Alex..?

ANyways, my two bits,

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