Re: [code][abilities]

From: Daniel Koepke (
Date: 12/10/96

Look at init_char(), db.c where all the stats are set to 25.  That
shouldn't be a problem since the stats should be rolled *AFTER*
init_char() is called.  You can remove those lines, though, I don't
see why they are there anyway.  Since I can't tell what might
happen, though, you'll want to comment them out and check for any
problems (esp. check if the first character created has stats rolled).

Also, find this in affect_total(), handler.c:

  /* Make certain values are between 0..25, not < 0 and not > 25! */
  i = (IS_NPC(ch) ? 25 : 0);

  GET_DEX(ch) = MAX(0, MIN(GET_DEX(ch), i));
  GET_INT(ch) = MAX(0, MIN(GET_INT(ch), i));
  GET_WIS(ch) = MAX(0, MIN(GET_WIS(ch), i));
  GET_CON(ch) = MAX(0, MIN(GET_CON(ch), i));
  GET_STR(ch) = MAX(0, MIN(GET_STR(ch), i));

<blink>  Looking at this code, I've just seen a bug in stock.  There
should be a similar line for charaisma.  Add:

  GET_CON(ch) = MAX(0, MIN(GET_CON(ch), i));

It's possible that that is the only part you need to change, and it's
possible that 

Daniel Koepke
Forgive me father, for I am sin.

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