Re: [Bug] Bug in corpse handling/Janitors?

From: Chuck Carson (
Date: 12/11/96

t 09:10 PM 12/11/96 +0000, you wrote:
>Seems to be a little problem here. Maybe I am just being dumb, but has
>anybody else found that in certain rooms corpse for dead players are not
>generated? It works fine for dead mobs. (I use v3 patchlevel 11)
>First room I noticed this in is in the world that comes with the base
>code): The Temple Square (Vnum:3005), Infact anywhere in Midgaard this
>happens, which leads me to think that something is wrong with the
>special proc for the janitors - I haven't altered this.
>Anybody else find this?
>Chris (Currently trying my best to ignore the filth in this list)
Are you sure the fido's are not eating them? Or someone else is
picking them up. I think some of the stock spec_procs do not
check to see if the corpse is a PC's corpse or not. Otherwise
I have not seen any problems such as you describe...

The room should have no bearing on the make_corpse code unless the
room had some sort of spec_proc for it..


Hope this helps,

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