[NEWBIE] pointer to char

From: Joe Frohne (frohne@post.its.mcw.edu)
Date: 12/11/96

I have been wracking my brain for a few days on how to do this.  It is 
probably simple, but im a newbie and most likely looking past the solution.
The end result I want is this:

I want to be able to find a character in the world based on his idnumber 
and return a pointer to that character.

What I have done is when a corpse is made, I store the idnumber to the 
cost of the object.  This works fine.  Then what im trying to do is this.

struct char_data *stiff;
stiff = get_char_num(GET_OBJ_COST(obj));
char_to_room(stiff, ch->in_room);

I want this to move the character to the room.  If the character id is 
11, it goes out and gets the mob with the rnum of 11 and moves it to the 
room.  While technicaly the code works, it is not what I want to happen.

Any suggestions are apprecitated.

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