Re: [CIRCLE] [CODE] sedit problems

From: Joshua Burley (
Date: 12/12/96

It's already in the index file... it simply isnt' getting saved... I haven't
edited any of the source code for olc at all. I was testing it around, and
it seems that it isn't saving it in the file at all. It WILL change things
like the sell ratio and such, but the mob assigned to that shop doesn't get
saved (it remains -1) and neither will the room number....

I also tested to see if my olc got corrupted somehow, and just stopped working
entirely, but it WILL still edit anything in any other zone (so far as I've
tested).. the zone I'm TRYING to edit (er, shop number I should say) is
shop number #144.... 4000
> Hmmm......
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> > Anyone have problems with sedit using OasisOLC? For some reason, it
> > saves all the stuff internally, but on a reboot, everything from sedit
> > gets lost (yes, I've done sedit save zonenumber).. every other save works
> > (zone, mob, obj, room).....
> > 
> >
> > 4000
> > 
> If corresponding shop file number is not registered in shop index file,
> the shop file will not be loaded into memory at boot time.
> Just add the shop file name(ex: 88.shp) to the lib/world/shp/index file.
> --
> Kyeong Joong Kim
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